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Residential & Commercial 

Box Maxxx 

"We Think Outside the Box For Our Customers"

Box Maxxx

Welcome to Box Maxxx where we specialize in Courier & Logistics Services for both Residential & Commercial Customers in the Tri-County Charleston area. Traditionally Courier & Delivery Company's are known to take a box or item from Point A to Point B. However, we understand that our customers need more than a traditional method of doing business. Therefore, we have designed  a comprehensive delivery service combining solution based thinking with fast & efficient delivery and economical pricing. 

Here at Box Maxxx, we strive to go beyond just offering our clients a product. We pride ourselves on implementing logistic solutions that will allow our customers to focus on growing their business or getting basic tasks accomplished.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company, Home Based Business, or a College Student that is moving,  we have services that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

So call us today and let us think outside the Box for you!

The Box Maxxx Team

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Courier Subscription Services




Starting At $375

*Ask A Box Maxxx Team Member Today!

Never Worry About Courier Services Again! 

Clients We Serve

Accounting Firms                                                           Advertising Agencies

Architecture Companies                                                 Attorney's

Automotive Companies                                                  Banking

Car Dealerships                                                              Clinics

Construction Companies                                                Dental Labs

Doctors                                                                           Engineering Companies

Escrow Companies                                                        Finance Companies


Florist                                                                             Home Base Businesses

Printing Companies                                                       Real Estate Companies

Retail Establishments                                                    Drug Stores

Non Profit Agencies                                                       Hospitals